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>MOLECA HQ | 29.07.2022

Matching shoes + bags of different looks

With creativity, your look of the day will be highly acclaimed!

Some trends from years ago worked as a so-called rule. Example? Matching the same shade of shoes and handbag. Ask a Millennial and she will even use the meme “I was there”! But, thanks to the democratization of fashion, what is taken into account is the personal style and the boldness of each girl. After all, you know that story about you can, but you don't have to? That is more or less what happens now

In the case of shoes and handbags, both appear in contemporary fashion together and in several colors/textures. The ideal way to embark on this is to think of them as independent beings, with their own personalities, but that when together they become a successful duo!

But wait, how does this work?

Mixing the visual potential of these items reveals the star of the show since it helps a lot to put your personality in the spotlight. And if before buying this " set" was an attempt not to make a mistake, today the goal is to enhance your self-knowledge.

And of course, Moleca HQ is here to guide you in this trend, just come!!

Bet on the most classic of combinations: same material and same color. It will look great, besides forming the famous "I fell in the ink" look. In other words, monochrome.


Another suggestion that looks perfect is to repeat the color of the clothes in one of the pieces and wear another in a different shade. Invest in a neutral shade, such as nude. If you want to dare, add a vibrant one, such as orange, which is super trendy on the street style scene.


Spoiler: Moleca's orange crossbody bag has a gradient effect and glitter, wow!

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Choose accessories in the same color as the pattern on the clothes. Just be careful with the contrast, ok? Always focus on harmonizing the finishing touches, reasoning that works even for the sporty look, and a backpack in coral elegance is allowed, isn't it?


Mismatch the colors! This may be one of the most difficult experiences for those who are afraid to play with too many shades. However, the idea is that the chromatic range of the shoes and the handbag is not the same, nor is it repeated in the look. Take inspiration from color block or analogous and complementary shades.


If you still feel doubtful whether the match is right or wrong, leave that question aside!

Trust your creativity and always count on Moleca's launches!


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